SIM2 News
30 November 2015

SIM2 HDR Technology Demo

High Dynamic Range Projection is a real thing

SIM2 demonstrated a brilliant—and extremely expensive—solution to the problem of projecting high dynamic-range (HDR) images in a home theater: a dual-projector setup using two Super Lumis Pro 1080p 3-chip DLP projectors that were precisely aligned on an 11-foot-wide Draper TecVision XT1000X screen (gain 1.0). One of the projectors was reproducing high-brightness parts of the image while the other was reproducing the low-brightness parts, and the effect was stunning.

The content was standard Blu-ray, so the system was stretching the dynamic range beyond what was intended by the grading process. But as a technology demo, it revealed how much dynamic range is possible using two projectors in such a configuration—the blacks were inky, and the peak luminance was 95 foot-lamberts! I can't wait to see this demo with real HDR content

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