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9 April 2019

NERO 4S, article by Widescreen Review, USA

Article by Doug Blackburn, Widescreen Review, USA, March 2019

But all that light from the projector did produce some of the best UHD/HDR content I’ve seen from any projector."

"These images look so good, not because the image is incredibly bright, but because the peak levels for red, green, and blue are so high that the color space expands and peak or near-peak levels of red, green, and blue are sufficiently bright to reproduce much of the expanded color space that comes with the UHD/HDR format."

"Close examination of the pixel pattern on-screen revealed that the visible pixel structure remains visible way out to the sides and corners of the screen."

"I never once saw a rainbow artifact during the review."

"In fact, the Nero 4S is one of the most satisfying UHD/HDR projectors I’ve used at any price."

"... that great motion quality made many scenes look more like real life images, to the point that many times it was very close to real-life motion quality on-screen."

"Again, the Nero 4S sucks you into the environment of the movie because it seems like a real place in there and not
something being reproduced. I suspect this effect is a combination of the high-light-output capability of the Nero 4S, the superior natural motion quality, the quality of the light engine and optical path, and the ability of the projector to simulate reality on the projection screen."

SIM2’s Nero 4S projector is strong competition in the $25,000 to $45,000 range. It is brighter than projectors in that price range that use laser-phosphor imaging systems or UHP lamps. The range of custom install features is impressive. The motion quality is to die for. The projector was problem-free for the entire two-month plus review period, with hundreds of hours of serious and casual viewing. The Nero 4S would be right at home in any premium home theatre."

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