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7 February 2017

SIM2 and Joe Kane Production to present the HDR SIM2 Dual DLP Projection System at ISE AMSTERDAM

The Real High Dynamic Range projection

AMSTERDAM ISE 7-10 February 2017: SIM2 will show at ISE the Real High Dynamic Range projection system capable of delivering up to 9.000 Ansi lumens in their booth demo room D 401.

SIM2 has been designing and manufacturing HDR products since 2007 and believes Real HDR (High Dynamic Range) has a dramatic effect on picture quality and perceived image resolution, as it delivers a dynamic range more closely matched to the human visual system. HDR SIM2 Dual System- the best available in the market- uses two custom-made projectors (with different optics, firmware and set up) designed to produce a combined image that has a dynamic range of more than 14 f-stops (more stops than commercial cinema).

SIM2 knows even the best can be better and in light of an ever expanding world of HDR we’ve asked Joe Kane to help us explore the directions he sees happening in the industry.

SIM2 and Joe Kane Production are proud to present in Amsterdam the result of the beginning of this intense cooperation: an unseen picture stunning, vivid, with a tremendous dynamics capability with a rigorous and scientific evaluation of the development process and enhancing the user perception.

The SIM2 HDR SYSTEM will be on demo at ISE Exhibition D 401 and it is available in the SIM2 HDR DEMO CENTERS located in Florida, London, Shanghai and Italy

"We are very proud of the extraordinary performance of our HDR Projection System." stated SIM2 R&D and HDR Director, Domenico Toffoli, adding: "It's the result of many years of continuous research, development and improvements, but we found in Joe Kane much more than we expected and thanks to his competence and know how we are now able to arise to an unprecedented level the performances, even better than our best dream."

" I'm impressed with Sim2's approach to implementing HDR to projection technology and the power of the SIM2 platform and the wider color capability associated with it. The direction they are taking is higher in light output than the current implementation of HDR in digital cinema. I worked with Sim2 to put in place my knowledge and scientific approach. The outcome from this intense activity is beyond my best expectations" stated Joe Kane of the Joe Kane Production

Scheduled presentations of HDR SIM2 Dual System will take place during the ISE show exhibit time.

The joint presentation with Joe Kane of Joe Kane Production and Sim2 will be held on the following days and times:

Wednesday 8th, at 3:00 P.M.
Thursday, 9th, at 5:00 P.M.
Friday, 10th, at 11:00 A.M.

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About SIM2

SIM2 BV of Pordenone, Italy, has designed and manufactured the finest video projection and HDR products for residential and commercial applications. Today, SIM2 delivers new and unique video solutions with unparalleled performance, outstanding design and the finest customer support available. SIM2 projectors are made in Italy and sold worldwide in over 60 countries through sister companies in the US and China and partnerships with qualified distributors.

About Joe Kane and JKP:
Mr. Kane specializes in the sciences of electronic imaging, accurately reproducing video signals on electronic display devices. These efforts have been the focus of his company, Joe Kane Productions, (JKP) since its founding in 1982. He has produced multiple ground-breaking programs on the subject, creating references for both the program production and consumer worlds. His company’s current efforts are focused on defining the ultimate UHD system, one that would include and benefit the majority of consumers interested in viewing program content.
At JKP our focus is “It’s All About the Art”. We aim at better defining the canvas on which artists create content and expanding the capability of the canvas to bring better picture quality to the viewer. You can find us at

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