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28 October 2013

SUPERLUMIS in Robb Report Magazine

FrontRunners: Light Show

FrontRunners: Light Show

NOVEMBER 01, 2013

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Digital-cinema purists will appreciate the SIM2 Multimedia Grand Cinema Superlumis, a new $60,000 three-chip digital-cinema projector.

Instead of the LED-lighting engine and 4K screen resolution that other projectors feature, the Superlumis has a 350-watt lamp that delivers as many as 5,000 lumens through an optional high-brightness lens that is ideal for large rooms with screens as wide as 16.5 feet.

The latest version of SIM2’s AlphaLight system helps the projector achieve a 30,000-to-1 contrast ratio, while the company’s Perfect Fit lens technology enables full 1080p on-screen resolution regardless of aspect ratio.
The Superlumis also delivers the most fluid 3-D picture available in the home, thanks to a triple-flash, 144 Hz 3-D processing system.