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1 July 2013

The new Fuoriserie website is now online

Request a pass to the fuoriserie exclusive world

Pordenone, Italy — July 1, 2013 - The new Fuoriserie website is now available for registered customers and dealers who want to know more about the debut of the SIM2 LUMIS Fuoriserie — Exclusive, Powerful, and Unique.

Fuoriserie is an Italian term used to describe a custom-built, high-performance, exclusive and expensive car that qualifies the owner for his financial ability and his desire to stand out from the crowd—a car superior to all others. Fuoriserie also describes limited-production specials , which incorporate advances in design and technology. "SIM2’s new Fuoriserie projector fully embraces this production philosophy; it is the distillation of the pure essence of the product itself. "

SIM2’s Fuoriserie incorporates only the latest, finest, most carefully selected components, each one individually tested and brought together to create a product that achieves unprecedented image perfection. "Every detail is unique and its form is pure art. " The highest performance and the finest materials, coupled with a stunning, sophisticated red finish, create a new dimension in luxury.

The ultimate in luxury can only be sold and installed by true high-end integrators that understand the real meaning of custom; therefore the LUMIS Fuoriserie will only be made available to SIM2 Premiere Dealers.

Follow This link and request one of the few pass to enter Fuoriserie exclusive world.

The Fuoriserie Team