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26 December 2012 Best of 2012

SIM2 M.150 wins - Best of 2012 - Award

Our M.150 has been universally praised around the world by customers, dealers and members of the specialist press. The latest press activity for our 3D LED tour-de-force is from, who gave our M.150 a coveted Best of 2012 award!

"In a year when 4K debuted at the consumer level you'd have to imagine that one of our best projectors of the year would be the Sony VPL-VW1000ES and not the HD M.150 LED DLP from SIM2 -but that's what has happened. While 4K may technically be the "better" technology, the SIM2 M.150 produced the better image, proving (again) that HD isn't ready to go quietly into that good night. While the M.150 is expensive, its superb optics, LED-based light engine and ability to be calibrated to perfection make it one of the finest projectors Managing Editor Andrew Robinson has ever laid eyes on."

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Thank you Gentlemen!