SIM2 News
11 July 2012

SIM2 Dealers Compete for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience at revered Italian location

Live Draw at CEDIA for Special Selection

Miramar, Florida—July 2012—SIM2 is proud to officially reveal that its annual Top Partner meeting will be held in one of the most revered and talked-about locations in many years: Palazzo Margherita in Bernalda, in the South of Italy. Dealers who achieve the goals specified by SIM2 as part of its 2012 Exclusive Italy Retreat promotion, along with one lucky winner from a special drawing at the CEDIA Expo, will be whisked away to this stunning destination.

Located in the heart of Magna Graecia, which became the center of culture and art originating from Greece in early antiquity (seventh century BC), the Palazzo, is now a striking example of the extraordinary renewal to former glory of an old Palazzo built with a passionate love of art and style. Palazzo Margherita was brought back to life by a man renowned for his ability to create masterpieces in whichever field he enters: Francis Ford Coppola.

Palazzo Margherita is a fantastic place where art, food, history, and enjoyment are mixed with a unique touch of cinematic indulgence through one of the most important movie libraries available: Mr. Coppola’s Italian collection, superbly displayed in Palazzo Margherita’s magnificent Salon by a reference-level SIM2 projector.

An exciting new twist for the annual promotion will include an additional place on this once-in-a-lifetime sojourn for one fortunate and supportive SIM2 dealer. Dealers, who complete sales of at least $60,000 before 3 p.m. on Friday, September 7, will be entered in a special lottery, with the drawing to be held in SIM2’s Booth 3860 at 4 p.m. on Friday, September 7.

“We are proud to reward our partner dealers with this exceptional experience,” said Alberto Fabiano, Executive Vice President for SIM2 USA.

Maurizio Cini, President and CEO of SIM2 Multimedia, enthusiastically says that “This unique trip will be a feast for the senses. The select group from the USA, as well as a few of the most important countries in the world, will be treated to the finest culinary delights, wines, art and culture—wrapped in the breathtaking natural beauty of the southern Italian countryside. We’re treating our guests like royalty for this trip of a lifetime. We encourage all our dealers to aim for this extraordinary experience—don’t be left behind!”

SIM2 dealers should maintain close contacts with their representatives, to verify sales and ensure that all qualifying purchases are properly tracked. “This will be a hotly contested race among our very best dealers, with the big finish at CEDIA,” Fabiano adds. “With the Olympics just around the corner, it offers our dealers an excellent opportunity to compete for sales and win this trip.”