SIM2 News
6 December 2010

MICO 50 wins "Best of 2010" Award

Another great acknowledgment for MICO 50 image quality

SIM2 Mico 50 has been rewarded with a prestigious 2010 Best of Award.

"In the world of front video HDTV projectors - LED is all the rage with SIM2 leading the way in high-end video performance. The race between Runco, SIM2 and Digital Projection was close. SIM2's stunning customer service and easy to calibrate image ultimately won out for best video projector of 2010.
"The MICO 50's image quality is superb, possessing best in class black levels, combined with terrific detail and rich, vibrant colors. The LED projector market is just getting off the ground and the competition is already proving to be fierce. But I have to say, the MICO 50 from SIM2 is a hell of an opening salvo. If you're contemplating buying a new, high-end projector and are looking into LED based designs I'd recommend auditioning the MICO 50 before making your final decision. Its very worth your time, attention and very possibly - your money."

This is a further acknowledgment of SIM2's unrivalled quality in the LED projection field.

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