DLP Projectors: SIM2xTV Line: XTV Q&EC

  • Ceiling mounted version of the renowned SIM2XTV
  • "Q&EC" quick and easy ceiling mounting
  • C&EC-C compact version for dropped ceilings
  • Q&EC version for luxurious glass surface
  • SIM2 quality images up to 110 inches in size
  • No Screen needed. Image may be projected directly on the wall
  • Stylish made-in-Italy design
  • Horizontal or vertical cooling flow options
  • Powered by Laser and DLP technology
  • Brightness up to 2900 lumens

SIM2 xTV(1) is a discreet patented high-tech display device, available in either freestanding or built-in versions(2), designed to be positioned close to the wall, either standing on, or built into a piece of furniture


SIM2 XTV Q&EC is a specific version of the XTV projector designed for quick end easy ceiling (Q&EC) mounting.
What will be visibile is only a crystal glass surface flushed with your ceiling.

The QEC comes in 2 options:

1. QEC is the model design specifically for CEILING installations and it comes with a metal box to be fixed first and the projector (separate) to be hung up into the box. The cooling air flow comes from the room through a frontal grid which is part of the mask covering the space between the box and the projector. So this model does NOT need special ventilation

2. QEC COMPACT (SIM2xTV Q&EC-C) has been specifically developed for dropped ceiling installations with limited space. It provides a 30% reduction of the overall dimensions when the cooling flow is funneled within the dropped ceiling space.
It can also be used on traditional ceilings with room air flow design by adding a couple of optional flanges installed on the sides of the box.

Optical Surfaces

SIM2 offers dedicated SIM2xTV Optical Surfaces (up to 120”) designed to be used as screens in challenging environments, such as high ambient light situations or rooms with unsuitable wall surfaces. These Optical Surfaces feature Lenticular Lens Technology – designed specifically to complement SIM2xTV’s unique light pattern - that absorbs ambient light that would otherwise ‘wash-out’ the screen, while retaining the integrity of the projected image. Screens can be installed with or without a black frame. The Optical Surfaces are available in a choice of 4 sizes.

(1) Patents pending.


Technology 1 Chip DMD
Resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Light source LASER (lifetime approx. 20.000 hours)
Adaptive contrast
Brightness up to 2.900 Ansi lumens (in 2D mode)
3D Features active technology - DLP Link
Audible Noise <28dB (Eco Mode)


Picture Size 85” - 110”
Distance-Diagonal ratio 0.25:1 (from projecting lens - see examples below)
Image Diagonal Dimension (16:9): 90"
Distance(4): 18,1 cm / 7.12"
Shift(5): 17.4 cm / 6.85"
Image Diagonal Dimension (16:9): 110"
Distance(4): 29.7 cm / 11.69"
Shift(5): 22.2 cm / 8.74"


Digital 3 x HDMI
Analog 1 x Composite Video (RCA)
Control 1 x miniUSB (B type - Service)
1 x USB (A type - host mode)
1 x RS232
3 x Infrared receiver
Audio 1 x 3.5mm jack/stereo audio
1 x Digital audio output


Projector weight 15.5 Kg. (34.2 lbs)
Top crystal glass width 580 mm (22.83”)
Top Crystal-Glass Depth 402 mm (15.83”)
Cabinet under Crystal glass width 562 mm (22.13”)
Cabinet under Crystal glass Depth 385.7 mm (15.19”) (fine adjustments knobs included)
Display height 140mm (5.51”) lever feet included
Standard Cabinet(2) Color Black Crystal Glass(3) surface


Operating consumption 300W typical, 350W max
Minimum cooling 1200 BTU/h


Standard Remote Control
Power Cord
User Manual
SIM2 crystal glass cleaning kit and gloves
Fine tuning installation kit
Optionals Optical display surfaces up to 110” (Models SIM2x92, SIM2x100, SIM2x110)
Special demo furniture
in cm 16:9