DLP Projectors: SIM2xTV Line: SIM2xTV

  • Discreet high-tech display
  • Designed to be positioned close to the wall (just a few cm away)
  • SIM2 quality images up to 110 inches in size
  • No Screen needed. Image may be projected directly on the wall
  • Stylish made-in-Italy design
  • Crystal-glass finish for a luxurious feel
  • 16 special coating layers on the top crystal glass
  • Powered by Laser and DLP technology
  • Brightness up to 2900 lumens
  • Available in Black crystal-glass finish
  • Visit the dedicated website at WWW.SIM2XTV.COM

Visit the dedicated website at WWW.SIM2XTV.COM

Turn any environment into premium image entertainment with SIM2xTV(1) . This new patented SIM2 model combines the large screen experience with the most discreet display device ever created for a fully immersive experience. SIM2xTV can be placed right up against any wall or vertical flat surface and cast your content into stunning detailed clarity up to a size of 110 inches from just a few cm/inches away..

SIM2xTV is the most unique of products, a beautifully engineered embodiment of a new way of thinking about creating the ‘big screen’ at home or in any other high-class environment. SIM2’s world-renowned R&D department has challenged itself to combine the latest technological advances, extraordinary design thinking, and top-class performance into a product that is unmistakably SIM2.

A special lens makes SIM2xTV highly adaptable to different environments, and gives it the ultimate flexibility in installation.

SIM2xTV sports a cabinet made of a special high-tech crystal-glass(2), subject to numerous patents, made specifically to enhance and optimize image performance.
SIM2xTV is an all-digital device using LASER hybrid illumination and DLP® picture technology to create images that are finely-tuned to reproduce the diversity of colors, up to 2,900 ANSI lumen light output, exceptional clarity and extended dynamics expected of a SIM2 product.

A perfect balance of beautiful design(3) and exceptional materials to satisfy the most refined tastes. SIM2xTV sports a uniquely sophisticated combination of modernity, elegance, traditional craftsmanship, and luxury. The finest materials create a new dimension in luxury for an eternally contemporary product by designer Giorgio Revoldini.
SIM2xTV has chosen a shape entirely made of crystal-glass(2), a pure and sustainable material capable of being recycled indefinitely. Its structure does not deteriorate through the recycling process.
Crystal-glass is also resistant to light and high/low temperatures, hence looking always brand new even after years of use. And, from a purely aesthetic point of view, crystal-glass is simply stunning. We are all drawn to it. It is synonymous with quality.

(1) Patents pending
(2) SIM2xTV crystal-glass is subject to special coatings and treatments. Patents pending
(3) Patents pending on cabinet design


Technology 1 Chip DMD
Resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Light source LASER (lifetime approx. 20.000 hours)
Adaptive contrast
Brightness up to 2.900 Ansi lumens (in 2D mode)
3D Features active technology - DLP Link
Audible Noise <28dB (Eco Mode)


Picture Size 85” - 110”
Distance-Diagonal ratio 0.25:1 (from projecting lens - see examples below)
Image Diagonal Dimension (16:9): 90"
Distance(4): 18,1 cm / 7.12"
Shift(5): 17.4 cm / 6.85"
Image Diagonal Dimension (16:9): 110"
Distance(4): 29.7 cm / 11.69"
Shift(5): 22.2 cm / 8.74"


Digital 3 x HDMI
Analog 1 x Composite Video (RCA)
Control 1 x miniUSB (B type - Service)
1 x USB (A type - host mode)
1 x RS232
Audio 1 x 3.5mm jack/stereo audio


Projector weight 13.5 Kg. (29.8 lbs)
Projector dimensions (WxHxD) 537 x 115 x 383 mm (21.1” x 4.5” x 15.1”)
Standard Cabinet(2) Color Black Crystal Glass(3) surface


Standard Remote Control
Power Cord
User Manual
SIM2 crystal glass cleaning kit and gloves
Fine tuning installation kit


(1) Patents pending
(2) Patents pending on cabinet design
(3) SIM2 xTV crystal-glass is subject to special coatings and treatments. Patents pending
(4) distance from the crystal glass border of the SIM2xTV to the screen.
(5) Shift - length from the top crystal cover of the SIM2xTV to the bottom of the screen.
DANGER! LASER RADIATION! Do not stare into the beam. Class II Laser Product.