DLP Projectors: MICO Line: MICO 60C

  • SIM2's PureLED Technology
  • 0.95" 1080p DarkChip4 single-chip DMD by Texas Instruments
  • Lighting system: Luminus Phlatlight PT120 R/G/B LEDs
  • LAN and WLAN connectivity
  • LED typical life estimated around 30,000 hours
  • DynamicBlack Technology
  • Contrast ratio up to 100.000:1 with Dynamic Black
  • Widest color gamut >128% NTSC, >180% REC 709
  • Brightness: 800 Ansi Lumens (*)
  • NEW EasyLED control and calibration software
  • MICO Mobile Application for iPhone® (coming soon on Apple® store)

Think Green with SIM2 Eco-friendly MICO Series

Think Green with SIM2 Eco-friendly MICO Series
SIM2’s Grand Cinema™ MICO series has been created to fulfil the needs and dreams of discerning customers seeking to experience the latest light source technology and high resolution DLP chipset in an eco-friendly home theatre projector. The SIM2 Grand Cinema™ MICO series is the result of a lengthy, thorough study of projector design and significant investments in R&D. The SIM2 Grand Cinema™ MICO incorporates PureLED technology, a combination of 0.95” DarkChip4 1080p DLP® chipset from Texas Instruments, 3 individual high power Phlatlight LEDs (one for each color R, G and B), new light engine and video processing. PureLED technology allows the projector to deliver clearer, brighter and more vibrant images, a wider and more consistent color gamut, and Full-On/Full-Off contrast up to 100,000:1.

SIM2’s PureLED Technology

SIM2 has implemented a wide range of features into one technology: SIM2’s PureLED. First, a trio of RGB high power Phlatlight LEDs by Luminus (one for each primary color R, G and B) replace the color wheel. The LEDs brightness is precisely controlled by an 8-bit-per channel high speed current driver. A sophisticated color sensor - positioned in the light engine - allows the driver to balance the light intensity coming from the three different LED modules, as well as to switch off the 30A driving current to each LED in less than 1 microsecond. Indeed, one of the advantages of LEDs is that they can be pulsed very rapidly, achieving an impressive active color cycle of 20x per frame of content without detrimental effects on overall life and image quality. This eliminates the sequential color artefacts, while improving contrast ratio, color saturation and grayscale accuracy. Second, the reflective nature of the mirrors on the DLP chip combine with the LED technology to allow more light to reach the screen and deliver a remarkable increase in color gamut. Third, the new light engine produces more than 200 trillion colors and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1.

Extraordinary performances from PureLED technology

The Grand Cinema™ MICO series is built with the eco-friendly, lamp-free PureLED light source technology that can output a pure and narrow light spectrum (one for each primary color) and deliver an incredible 800 ANSI Lumens (*) of brightness. The use of three separate light elements of red, green and blue, provide a wider and more consistent color reproduction - an unbelievable 28% wider to NTSC - with richer and more saturated colored images. At the same time, it stays consistent over its entire life time with an average lumen decay of less than 5% after 2000 hours. Also, the Grand Cinema™ MICO series is equipped with a technologically advanced liquid-cooling system that reduces its operating noise to an extremely quiet level.

And, thanks to the latest TI’s Darkchip4 Chip and DynamicBlack™ technology the Grand Cinema™ MICO 60C -delivers an impressive full On-Full Off contrast of 100.000:1 for clear, razor-sharp images.

Mico 60C in details:

In addition to PureLED technology, the totally new Grand Cinema™ MICO 60C features a new electronics including a RJ-45 connector (Ethernet or LAN) and a USB-A port hosting a dedicated USB-Wireless adapter (SIM2 provided).
Both control ports allow:

A. Projector integration on a Custom Home Theater system

Setting properly the Local Area Network parameters, the projector can be easy integrated into the most common Home Automation control systems becoming easily part of a complex system designed by Custom Installers or System Integrators. In particular, the Wi-Fi feature permits the full integration without cablings.

B. Projector control by remote

This is possible in different ways:

  • EasyLED calibration software: the new PC based software for Color Calibration and Control of MICO 60C. It’s the latest evolution in SIM2’s PC based managing software. Setting the IP address (wired one or wireless) on the EasyLED connection panel the user or the service center officer has access to the projector control and can adjust a full set of parameters being either in the projection room or in a remote place like the service center or anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Web pages: MICO 60C new electronics is equipped with a Web Server to control and to adjust projector’ parameters simply opening a browser on a PC. Similarly to the EasyLED, the web pages allow both the local or remote control by PC but without the use of EasyLED software: simply writing the projector IP on the browser’s address bar you are connected with the inner Web Server. It is intended mainly for those customers who need to check and control easily and quickly their projector parameters.
  • SIM2 MICO Mobile for iPhone®: SIM2 MICO integration with Apple is the perfect marriage of projection quality and technology to create the perfect home entertainment system. Connect your iPhone® to your home network for a seamless, elegant solution to control brightness, contrast, gamma, colors and other parameters directly by a touch of your finger.

C. Remote Serviceability and Monitoring

The projector is not anymore a passive unit but it becomes an active part of the home entertainment system able to communicate with a service center.
Opening a dedicated IP address and a port of a private network (to be agreed with the customer) the service center can send queries through either EasyLED software and Web Pages to the projector which will answer with a parameter list including Serial Number, Firmware version, LEDs life hours, projector’s status (e.g. ON, blank, freeze, no signal), current selected input and resolution, image settings’ status (e.g. brightness, gamma) and so on.
The service center (or directly the installer) will not drive for hours to service to an urgent user’s call but simply checking by PC he may discover the issue, evaluate its priority and, if possible by remote, solve it in a faster way.
Moreover, the real innovation comes from the Firmware download capability by remote.
When the dealer receives the information that a new firmware has been released he may contact the user and in a couple of minutes the unit will be updated.

Low Cost of Ownership

The Grand Cinema™ MICO projectors give the viewer a totally new home theatre experience in terms of picture quality with the bonus that the user is free from lamp replacement since the typical life of the LED modules is estimated at around 30.000 hours. It means that we could use the projector 4 hours a day over a period of 20 years! The result is an efficient and reliable projector at a low cost of ownership.

Quick ON/OFF

LEDs light up very quickly, achieving full brightness in microseconds and offering nearly-immediate startup/shutdown. This means that the projector doesn’t require minutes to warm-up and cool-down period.

Eco-Friendly Design

LED lighting technology is the only truly eco-friendly light source, making the new SIM2 model a truly “Green’ projector.

• Mercury and lead free – no special recycling is required
• No replacement or stockpiling of hazardous materials.
• Recycling: the packaging is entirely recycled and recyclable.
• The product cabinet is PVC free.
• Power Consumption: SIM2 Grand Cinema™ MICO series gives you an image up to 3.35 m wide (11ft) requiring the average energy needed by a 55” LCD TV or a 40” Plasma one.
• SIM2 Grand Cinema™ MICO is certified: CE, EMC, FCC, UL, CB (made by Demko/AS).
• SIM2 Grand Cinema™ MICO series complies with WEEE, RAEE and RoHS directives.

(*) Brightness has been measured with the following settings: Overlap display mode, native white point, native color gamut, wide zoom mode.


Technology 1 chip DMD 0.95” darkchip 4 chipset by Texas Instruments
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Contrast ratio (Full ON/ Full OFF): up to 100.000:1
Lighting system Luminus Phlatlight PT120 R/G/B LEDs
Lamp average life time* 30.000 hours*
Color gamut >128% NTSC, >180% Rec. 709


Throw ratio 1.5-2.1:1 (T1 standard); 2.1-3.9:1 (T2 optional)
Motorized Lens shift V +60% / - 25%, H +/-8%
Digital keystone adjustment Vertical and Horizontal
Picture size (inches diagonal) 65-150
Aspect ratio 4:3, 16:9 Anamorphic, LetterBox, panoramic, pixel to pixel + 3 custom-user adjustments


Horiz. & vertical scan frequency 15-97kHz/24-85Hz;
Video and Graphic standards PAL (B,G,H,I,M,N,60); SECAM; NTSC 3,58; NTSC 4,43 automatically selected;
HDTV ATSC (480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p); EU 576p + 1080i 50Hz + 1080@24Hz;
Video processor built in
Special video adjustments Noise Reduction, Luma and Chroma transition filters
Other special adjustments Dinamic Black technology, Memories, Zoom/Crop, Color temperature control and Gamma Functions


Analog 1 x Composite Video (RCA)
1 x S-Video (mini Din 4 pin)
1 x Component Input (3x RCA)
1 x RGBHV/YCrCb (1x D-Sub 15 pin)
Digital 2 x HDMI – HDCP compliant
Control RJ-45 (Ethernet port)
USB-A type socket for USB to Wi-Fi Adapter (dedicated USB to Wi-Fi adapter provided)
USB-B type socket (for FW download)
x D-Sub 9-pins male RS-232
Miscellaneous 1 x Wired remote (3.5mm Mini Jack)
2 x OUT 12V (via DC Jack)