DLP Projectors: M Line: M.120

  • Designed to optimize components in order to offer a high-quality product at a lower budget
  • SIM2 SUPER PureLED™ Technology
  • 1,000(**) lumens light output (the equivalent of 1,500 lumens of lamp-based projectors)
  • Contrast ratio up to 100,000:1 with DynamicBlack
  • Long-life, high efficiency LEDs: 30,000 hours or years of silent uncompromised 2D/3D viewing
  • Best colorimetry: digital cinema quality straight out of the box

The brand-new, LED entry-level M.120 projector has been specifically designed to optimize components in order to offer a high quality product at a lower budget, hence offering to a wider clientele the possibility of owning a projector of SIM2’s M. series.

The M.120 utilizes 0.95” DarkChip DLP® chipset (the same used in commercial cinemas), Super PureLED, active 3D(*) technologies and only the finest and carefully chosen selection of components.

SUPER PureLED technology is a true all-digital system, with a trio of LEDs (red, green and blue) acting as both light and color source for the DLP® chipset.

The M.120 projector produces clear, bright and vibrant images, delivering 1,000(2) lumens light output (the equivalent of 1,500 lumens(2) of lamp-based projectors) and a full-on/Full-off contrast ratio of 100,000:1 with DynamicBlack™ technology.

The projector’s ability to render 3D(*) images and a variety of more-consistent color gamuts, over and above those used in home theater, means that color space specifications for a wide variety of applications can be fulfilled. Indeed, the M.120 can deliver an unbelievable 128% NTSC and HDTV (REC. 709) color standards, as well as:
Adobe RGB, which is an extended color space used in critical viewing applications where exacting color reproduction is required. Such applications include: professional photography, graphics and printing, CAD/CAM labs.
CINEMA color space that responds to the highly specialized needs of post-production houses.

The M.120 gives the viewer a totally new experience in terms of picture quality with the bonus that the user is free from lamp replacement. The typical life of the LED modules is estimated at around 30,000 hours.

The M.120 is offered in crystal-glass surfaced black (BG).

Medium home theaters, media rooms and family/games room with moderate ambient light. Ideal for color-grading applications.

(1) A SIM2 3D emitter and glasses pack is required to initiate 3D feature (sold separately).

(2) Takes into account Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect where brightness rises with color saturation. LED projectors produce richer and more saturated colors, thus appearing brighter than a lamp-based display with similar measured lumen specifications.


Technology 1 x 0.95” chip DMD
Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Lighting system SUPER PureLED technology
3D(*) Features SIM2’s PureAction 2D/3D and SIM2’s PureMovie 2D technologies
SIM2 DynamicBlack™ Technology enhanced solution (digital)
Overlap™ Technology
Contrast ratio (Full ON/OFF) >100,000:1 with DynamicBlack™
Brightness 1000 lumens (the equivalent of 1,500 lumens(**) of lamp-based projectors)
Expected LED lifetime 30,000 hours


Lens option (throw ratio) 1.5-2.1:1 (type T1);
2.1-3.9:1 (type T2)
0.675:1 (type ST)
Motorized Lens shift V +60% / - 25%, H +/-8% (no shift for ST lens)
Digital keystone adjustment Vertical and Horizontal
Picture size (inches diagonal) 65-200
Aspect ratio 4:3, 16:9 Anamorphic, LetterBox, panoramic, pixel to pixel + 3 custom-user adjustments


Horiz. & vertical scan frequency 15-80kHz/48-120Hz;
Color System PAL (B,G,H,I,M,N,60); SECAM; NTSC 3.58; NTSC 4.43
PC graphic standards VGA, SVGA, XGA,SXGA, UXGA, WUXGA
SDTV 480i/p, 576i/p;
HDTV 720p 50/60, 1080i 50/60, 1080p 24/50/60 + 576p
Color Space selection HDTV - EBU - SMPTE-C - ADOBE RGB - CINEMA


Analog 1 x Composite Video (RCA)
1 x Component - YCbCr/RGBs (RCA)
1 x Graphic RGBHV/YCrCb (1x D-Sub 15 pin)
Digital 2 x HDMI (v.1.4 with Deep Color)
Control 1 x RS-232
1 x USB (B type socket)
Miscellaneous 3D Sync Out
3x OUT 12V (via DC Jack)


Software control upgradable via RS-232 serial interface or USB
Power supply 100-240 VAC +/-10% (48/62 Hz)
Power consumption max. 370W
Projector weight 28 kg. / 61.7 lbs
Projector dimensions (WxHxD) 420 x 202 x 532 mm (16.5” x 8” x 21”)


Supplied Installation and user manual
AC power cords (2m- 6.6 ft)
Backlit remote control and batteries
EasyLED 2.0 software
Optional SIM2 VISUS Active glasses, Emitter (optional)(*)
SIM2 VISUS Active glasses (additional pairs)
Anamorphic Lens system (motorized or static)
SIM2 Universal Ceiling Bracket
(*) A SIM2 3D emitter and glasses pack is required to initiate this feature (sold separately).
(**) Takes into account Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect where brightness rises with color saturation. LED projectors produce richer and more saturated colors, thus appearing brighter than a lamp-based display with similar measured lumen specifications.
(1) ANSI Lumen Specification: This is the typical projector brightness specification found in most sales literature. This measurement allows for direct comparison with other manufacturer’s projectors. Measurements are taken in compliance with ANSI IT7.228-1997 specification.
in cm 16:9




RS232-IR Codes

Description: M Line - RS232 Control - vers1.1
M Line - RS232 Control - vers1.1
This document describes how to interface the M Line projector with a Home Theater control system (or a PC) over a direct serial connection.
Description: M Line - IR Codes - vers1.4
M Line - IR Codes - vers1.4
SIM2 IR Control signal protocol

User Manuals

Description: M.120/M.120ST User Manual - EN
M.120/M.120ST User Manual - EN
Description: M.120/M.120ST User Manual - ES
M.120/M.120ST User Manual - ES
Description: M.120/M.120ST - User Manual PT-BR
M.120/M.120ST - User Manual PT-BR


Description:  M. Line Leaflet
M. Line Leaflet
(949Kb) SIM2 M Line Leaflet.pdf 06.03.2015

Software & Technical material

Description: SFUNI - System Flex Universal
SFUNI - System Flex Universal
TECHNICAL DOCUMENT: this guide show the three possible methods of mounting the anamorphic lens on the SFUNI bracket.
(254Kb) SFUNI - System Flex.pdf 10.09.2015
Description: M Line - software vers. 6.00.27
M Line - software vers. 6.00.27
For software update we recommend to be supported by your local SIM2 service centre or Distributor
(1577Kb) M150 soft vers 6.00.27.zip 06.04.2015
Description: M Line - TECHNICAL DRAWING
TECHNICAL DOCUMENT: Technical Drawing of M Line platform, PDF format.
(819Kb) M.150.pdf 04.24.2015
Description: M Line - CAD-2D
M Line - CAD-2D
(1275Kb) M.150.zip 04.24.2015
Description: M Line - CAD-3D
M Line - CAD-3D
(6886Kb) M.150.stp.zip 04.24.2015
Description: SIM2 - EAN CODES
EAN CODES for SIM2 products and accessories
(59Kb) SIM2 Products EAN CODES.pdf 05.18.2015
Description: SIM2 Universal Videoprojector Mount_EN
SIM2 Universal Videoprojector Mount_EN
Designed to secure projector installation on ceilings and walls.
(680Kb) SIM2 Universal Bracket_EN.pdf 10.09.2015