DLP Projectors: Grand Cinema C3X Line: C3X-E

C3X-E Home Theatre Projector
  • COMPACT 3-chip DLP®-based Light Engine by SIM2
  • 3x 720p DMD chip (resolution 1280x720 pixels)
  • 10 Bit video processing
  • Compatible with Full HD(1)
  • Extraordinarily vibrant colours and true blacks
  • Excellent contrast ratio: 6800:1 typical
  • 250W dimmable lamp for extra bright images
  • SIM2's Live Colors Calibration software
  • Full Digital inputs, including 2 HDMI™ (HDMI-HDCP compatible)
  • Choice of 2 HD Lenses
  • Aggressive cabinet design

SIM2's Grand Cinema™ C3X-E is a premium-quality 3-chip DLP® projector that offers a compact, high-performance lifestyle video solution for discerning home theatre consumers.

The Grand Cinema™ C3X-E features SIM2's patented ALPHAPATH™ 3-chip light engine and three HD2+ DarkChip3™ DLP chipsets, enabling Grand Cinema™ C3X-E to produce images of outstanding clarity. No other technology can match the superb colour depth, excellent contrast ratio (>6800:1 typical) and exceptional brightness that C3X-E delivers.

The Grand Cinema™ C3X-E utilises true 10-bit video processing (with high-definition scaling and de-interlacing capabilities) to create the highest quality video images.

10-bits-per-channel processing produces 1024 shades of gray (or shades of a single colour): the result is the ability to render over 1 billion colours on-screen, whilst also making the projector compatible with Full HD** (1080p) content.

For ease of installation, the projector sports the supreme flexibility of two, new spurious particles-free, high quality glass lens options, namely T1 (optional lens with short throw ratio: 1,5-2:1) and T2 (standard lens with long throw ratio: 2-3:1), making it possible to project an immaculate image on a big screen. Additional zoom lenses are being implemented to fit all customers’ necessities.

Light Engine

DLP™ Type 3 Chip DMDs HD2+ DC3
Resolution 1280x720 pixels
Lens High quality, high resolution improved optics for higher contrast and better black level with both motorized zoom and focus adj.
Brightness 2500 Ansi Lumens
Lamp power consumption 250W with 1.0 ARC GAP


Throw ratio 2,0-3,0:1 (standard lens - type T2) or 1,5-2,0:1 (type T1 – on request)
Lens shift half up picture =+50%
Digital keystone adjustment
Picture size (inches diagonal) 50-300
Aspect ratio 4:3, 16:9 Anamorphic, LetterBox, panoramic, pixel to pixel + 3 custom-user adjustments


Horizontal & vertical scan freq. 15-80kHz/48-100Hz
SDTV PAL (B,G,H,I,M,N,60); SECAM; NTSC 3,58; NTSC 4,43 automatically selected
HDTV ATSC (480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p**); 576p + 1080i 50Hz
PC graphic standard VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA @ 65Hz
On Board 10 bit Video Processing
Contrast ratio (Full ON/ Full OFF) 6800:1- typical


1 x S-Video (mini DIN 4 pins)
1 x Composite Video (RCA)
1 x RGBS-YCrCb (4 RCA)
1 x RGBHV (D-Sub 15 pin)
2 x HDMI™-HDCP compliant
1 x USB connector
1 x RS232 (D-Sub 9 pin)
2 x 12 V 100 mA (via jack)
1 x Input External IR sensor

General Specifications

Software control upgradable via RS232 serial interface and USB
Weight 11 Kg. or 24.3 lbs.
Dimensions (WxHxD) 435x190x430 mm or (17.2”x7.5”x16.9”)


Supplied Installation and User Manual
AC power cords (2m)
Backlit remote control and batteries
SIM2 Live Colors Calibration software
Optional Ceiling bracket
2.35:1 Anamorphic lenses


Standard Cabinet Colour Gun Metal/Silver Gray

(**) This unit is not a native 1080p projector, however it does handle full HD content.

The DLP® logo and DLP® medallion are trademarks of Texas Instruments.

Due to constant product development, specifications and design might be subject to change without notice.
in cm 16:9