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16 January 2019

SIM2 NERO 4S: Another raving review, China

Following the excellent review by What Hi-Fi magazine, Russia, December 2018, the NERO 4S projector has received another outstanding test review from a very prominent Chinese journalist. Hereto is the translation of some of the paragraphs.

"...if I had to choose a projector to hang in the living room... I would definitely choose SIM2... Compared to other projectors, NERO 4S will draw your attention at the first glance."


"Because of time, space and other limiting conditions ... I have used a 120" perforated screen with a 1.4 gain and, at first, performed no calibration. Playing a few clips I am very familiar with, I was amazed that on default cinema mode I could already feel the power of the SIM2 NERO4S."

"I have watched these clips hundreds of times and, even without calibration, you can already experience richer details during the dark scenes... the glass texture of the vacuum tubes - and the control grids inside - look extremely real."

"The iris function provides 12 levels of adjustment ... Setting the projector to Movie mode (level 6) ... NERO 4S already presents itself as the brightest projector I have seen in the past two years. And when I raise he level to 12, the image turns to sunshine. It's truly like having a professional cinema projector in your home.""... the NERO 4S has conquered me already, despite the lack of any calibration from my side!"

"I had two friends with me during the testing, and all I kept hearing from them was 'Wow'..."

(Playing "Drug Lord) "... This is the first time that I have had the feeling that "an extra hour of viewing is an hour's welfare".... And "Drug Lord" in the zoomed face features, even if I see every day also have to sigh that the skin is really beautiful, natural and real."

"... in SDR Mode ... I think the picture is beautiful and breathtaking."

"After color calibration the result is as above picture and this is the most accurate testing result I’ve seen in the past year ... the difference of the six primary colors on the left is within 0.2, which is quite impressive.

(playing Avatar) "...I have never seen this picture look so vivid."

(playing "Batman: Dark Knight") "... The uneven surface of the grenade and the the skin color of the hands is very beautiful. I have seen this image countless times on many projectors and never noticed it until now."

"NERO 4S is the brightest home theater projector I have used."

"I should honestly say, that from a data point of view, the NERO 4S beats any projector I have ever measured. There is no comparison, the difference is too big."

(playing Transformers 5) "... compared to other projectors, the NERO 4S does not only have a better contrast between light and dark, but also when the bomb hits the ground and blows up the stone, you can see each piece of stone clearly- this dark scene looks very real and fascinating!"

"My friends ask me to pause a scene to take pictures. And said to me: ”Even if I can't buy it, I want to take a picture to remind me of this wonderful moment.”

"...I didn't pay special attention to this scene before! But now the light that hits the face looks particularly strong. But watch out, whether the image is bright or dark, the details and colors are still there. It is this feature that makes the SIM2 picture authentic and special."

"What NERO 4S brings is a picture with great contrast between light and dark, and where there is light, the color is really beautiful."

"NERO 4S provides exactly the Director's original intention, other projectors are not good enough to deliver all these details."
"The better quality of the lens provides more sharpness, a more accurate EOTF and brightness output, and I finally see the texture of rhinoceros skin on the man's shoulder."

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