SIM2 News
8 February 2019

Inside SIM2 HQ, What HiFi magazine, India

We are pleased to inform you that, recently, we have had the pleasure of hosting some dealers and journalists from India. Hi-Fi Magazine, India, has published an article on their visit. Here is what they had to say:

"The dichotomy highlights SIM2's passion for good engineering, design and things that are proudly Italian."

"The idea of the two-day visit behind the doors of the SIM2 HQ was to get better acquainted with their elite line-up.... SIM2 has a bit of an edge compared to its peers when it comes to HDR since they were working on the very standards that shaped the industry back in 2007."

"Cut to 2018 and the NERO 4S is SIM2's latest offering ... during our demo of Lucy, it was very clear that we weren't missing anything. The chapter where the doctors are baffled at Lucy's transformation into a supercomputer, their white coats in the barren white room are perfectly distinctive from each other, a feat not easy even for the most accomplished of display sources."

" But it's not just the NERO 4S that impresses. For cases where extreme performance is perhaps less critical to aesthetic of convenience and practicality, the XTV serves the purpose with its ultra short throw projection which is available in a number of configurations...
During the demo, it was evident that the XTV loses little of the contrast or colour fidelity of its more expensive siblings and the SIM2 DNA can be viewed in plain sight."

"Another unique offering is the Crystal line which is an architects dream come true."

"During the course of the two days, I learnt that dynamic range is a lot more important than just sheer pixels... you may be able to tell between a 4K and a Full HD signal but accuracy of colours can be deciphered from any distance, big or small. SIM2 prides itself in doing it right..."